I grew up in a rural area of Texas with few orchestra programs and limited access to regular performances of classical music.  However, when my orchestra class in public school first set bow to string, I knew I had found my voice.  The teachers demonstrated ways to use music as a means of communication.  I will always remember being fascinated by not only the music itself but the expressive capability of my viola as well. I had never experienced such a powerful moment as when our orchestra performed as an expressive whole.  This is why I strongly believe in the power of musical storytelling.  I truly feel that music serves as one of the highest forms of communication and expression.  It is something that connects us all as individuals while creating and sustaining meaningful experiences.  Not only have I experienced the power of music a performer, but also as a teacher.

I have come to appreciate the diverse learning styles, strengths, and challenges of each student in my studio. The unique personalities and individual goals of each learner present opportunities for my own growth as a teacher.  It is imperative for me to always teach the person in front of me. Knowing that, I strongly encourage creativity, collaboration, questions, and experimenting with different ideas.  I believe that this type of environment creates a welcoming and safe setting for learning.  Regular performance, supportive studio classes, musical collaboration and appreciation for the efforts and abilities of each student in the studio creates a studio culture that is vital and collegial.

My role, as a teacher, is to provide my students with the necessary tools to unlock their ability to express themselves through the instruments. Fostering a balanced approach to the instrument and excellent fundamental technique is vital to maintaining healthy musicianship.  Understanding continuous subtle body gestures allows the performer to play with ease and portray the emotional depth needed of any given performance.

My goal is for all my students to become self-directed learners in music and life.  I also train my students to not only be receivers of information but to give back as much as possible.  Through music we all develop qualities that end up becoming prominent characteristics and elements in our own individual personalities.  Being an educator also means leading by example.  I work to consistently model integrity, a good work ethic, and professionalism.  Helping young musicians become not only the best musician they can be, but also the best person they can be is one of the most rewarding aspects of my teaching.

When thinking back on my education, I reflect on the thoughtful and inspiring teachers who invested much of their time in my development as a musician.  Each teacher was unique and I continue to admire the nature of each teacher’s contribution and the care afforded to me through their interest.  This is why the responsibility of being a teacher is so important to me.  The impact we make as educators leaves a lasting legacy for the future.  I believe what we do is a gift.  We have limited time with each student; however, the impact of our influence, our example, and our instruction can exponentially inspire not only our present students, but many generations of students in the future.

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